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Welcome to =A1= Army of One

Come, join us and meet the guys and gals of A1.

we exist across a verity of social platforms including Facebook, Steam, Twitch that we encourage you to join. 

Discord Steam Facebook Platoon

Let me give you a little information about us. Although we call ourselves a clan, we are much more than that. We are a group of people brought together that share a common interest: to enjoy clean fun gaming.

Here at Army of One , we have a unique concept that all clan members are part of the decision making process, meaning that your opinion does count.. Other than a few admins such as founders and mods, the structure is set up so that everyone here can focus on playing games and having fun.. We are a drama - free community..

Prospective members should note the below criteria for membership
  • Must keep bad language to a minimum and be respectful of others
  • must be 17+ (Exceptions may be made for those very close to turning 17)
  • must have a headset with microphone and discord installed
  • must have one of our supported games
  • must not be in any other clans
  • must be active
  • must be active on the website, discord 

 I thought that these Clan Values needed to be a permanent post 

The reasons I am an Army of One

I am here to have fun, to joke around with my cyber mates, but most of all laugh.  We do not see each other, we cannot shake each others hands to say g'day or have a beer, but what we have that is better is that as our social, economic, appearance, religion, race, sex, age, sexuality does not ever matter.  Why, cause we are the Army of One.  I could be a black jewish goat, terra could be a asian buddhist byte, meth could be a hispanic catholic head... The thing is we all tolerate each in ways that most social circles don't.  The clan was born on democracy, the freedom for each member to contribute to the whole of the clan.  When you get to ware the A1 tag you have equal status with every member of A1.  That is why each member has a vote and a say on the direction of the clan. Remember these things when you put those A1 tags on.  We all say things in the heat of the moment, apologies are pretty instant bridge builders.  Do not let things escalate!  

We are Army of One 

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