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Title: Membership Application
Post by: Sharisnarr on Jun 23, 2019, 21:55

1.. What is your name?   
First name only? Lee
Sharisnarr, Typhon, Cobra_Commander (Twitch)

02.. Where do you live? Australia
Town/Suburb?  Claremont
State? Tas

03.. How old are you? 46

04.. What games do you play? EverQuest 2, Command & Conquer RA3, Age of Mythology, Sins of a Solar Empire, Team Fortress 2, Ark: Survival Evolved, Minecraft

05.. Have you been in a clan before or are in a clan? None I can think of other then the guild I run in EverQuest 2

06..How did you find out about =A1=? My wife is Sennetta, also freinds with one Jogles.

07.. Do you know anyone at =A1=? Jogles

08.. Why do you want to join =A1=? So far I been enjoying the ARK server hosted here, I am also thinking of getting back in to some of the FPS stuff.

09.. Tell us about yourself? Married to Sennetta for over 2 years now, US Navy Veteran with some PTSD issues as I was in the gator (Marine transport and landing craft) fleet.  Also a bit of a youtuber.

10.. Do you have TeamSpeak? Not at the moment, prefer Discord.

11.. Are you in a position to donate to the =A1= Clan to help with maintaining servers and website? Still between jobs since I moved to Australia to live with my wife and her family, and looking for work.  I will donate when I find a job.
Title: Re: Membership Application
Post by: Valleyman on Jun 23, 2019, 23:16
 Age of Mythology that takes me back!! been playing bit of Age of Empires lately gotta try to dig out my old AOM disks!

Welcome to the forums, been great playing Ark with you enjoying the content you are making and the suggestions you have had on the mods for Ark have been great thus far!