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Title: Membership Application Strangewind18
Post by: Strangewind18 on Sep 08, 2019, 22:05
01.. What is your name?   
First name only?
In game names?

02.. Where do you live?

03.. How old are you?

04.. What games do you play?
Cities: Skylines

05.. Have you been in a clan before or are in a clan?

06..How did you find out about =A1=?
Through Bf1

07.. Do you know anyone at =A1=?
None Personally.

If so who?
I have played with SPG guys and TOF guys couple of times though.

08.. Why do you want to join =A1=?
I am lonely (when playing bf1 and other games)

09.. Tell us about yourself?
Korean born, Raised in Townsville,QLD AUS.
Playing Conflict:Desert Storm in grade 6 changed my life as a gamer.
Despite being Korean, terrible at Starcraft.
Currently employed as a town planner in a government.
Currently living with gf who is also an avid gamer. (Just pokemon series though)

10.. Do you have Discord? Yes.

11.. All members are required to help with costs. Are you in a position to donate via Subs to the =A1= Clan to help with maintaining on going Game servers and Website etc?

I will see what I can do.
Title: Re: Membership Application Strangewind18
Post by: PEACE on Sep 09, 2019, 06:54
Hi Strangewind , Thanks for your application , the best thing to do is start joining us in Discord I can also fill you in on the joining process .....Thanks PEACE :)