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Dec 15, 2018, 17:31

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Aug 27, 2018, 17:21
A1 Server Tracker fixed up - Battlefield tracker updated all server ID numbers after yesterday's maintenance - I've added some extra error handling so should look a little better in the future when it goes down.


Aug 26, 2018, 10:22
The Black Window / No Data in the Server View is due to Battlefield Tracker currently being offline.. Out of my control.

I'll work on the error handling so we can display a message to the effect when i get time.


Aug 24, 2018, 23:01
Looks Real Good Valley Many Thanks  :D


Aug 23, 2018, 18:05
Looking good Valley :)


Aug 23, 2018, 12:59
Server views live; its basic and i need to add in extra error handling but overall works alright.. i was really hoping to find a way to get Origin to join the server on click :P


Jul 20, 2018, 23:26
bugger it, Kicked again!! .. 8..(


Jun 15, 2018, 23:57
awww man, I was having a fun game (even got the blimp 1st time) and ya's kicked me :(.. lost my blimp codex.. :p


May 21, 2018, 23:01
https://youtu.be/SBgex_4jFCA vote your opinion about compensation for BF1 lag issues!


May 10, 2018, 13:49
The latest easter egg dog tag plays the BF1942 theme...


Apr 22, 2018, 16:13
No more AU servers for me. Now forced to play ion US ones >:(

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Author Topic: CrispyNutSack  (Read 226 times)


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« on: Jun 25, 2018, 18:55 »
CrispyNutSack banned for hacking. Harrold, Valley and Ph33r all spectated and agreed he was hacking. Snapping 180 degrees to un-spotted enemies. Valley has footage if dispute.
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Re: CirspyNutSack
« Reply #1 on: Jun 26, 2018, 12:47 »
You guys are doing Gods work!


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Re: CirspyNutSack
« Reply #2 on: Jun 26, 2018, 15:08 »
Are you sure you have his name spelt correctly?

He is on battle tracker under CrispyNutSack


Can't find his name on Origin under crispynutsack, is this case sensitive?

No results found for "crispynutsack"
Hmmm... Try double checking your spelling or using some different keywords.
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