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Looks Real Good Valley Many Thanks  :D

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Author Topic: Banned [HDSW]-Raummann- PERMANENT  (Read 376 times)


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Banned [HDSW]-Raummann- PERMANENT
« on: Jan 04, 2019, 22:08 »
I have banned [HDSW]-Raummann- , he started with the C word , got warned , then asked if Nig**er was ok . Banned him   - 30 days

edit: timeline added
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Re: Banned [HDSW]-Raummann-
« Reply #1 on: Jan 05, 2019, 15:37 »
user has tried to appeal ban, this was denied log below.

Welcome, If you have been kicked or banned from an A1 server and think you have been hard done by. Post your message here. Once the issue has been resolved, one way or the other Messages will be deleted. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL
January 4, 2019
-Raummann-Yesterday at 4:18 PM
Is this where i get my ban appealed?(edited)
I haven't been given a fair judgment
Your rules state as follows
"We warn, we Kick, then Ban"
I have said nothing insensitive that was directed towards anyone in the game
As well i have not been warned, i have not been kicked, i was just straight up banned right off the bat on your BF1 server(edited)
Your server is my most played BF1 server overall and i have not been given a fair judgment of my actions which were not directed towards anyone as your rules state
I would greatly appreciate if my ban is to be lifted from my account as me and my friends greatly enjoy your server and the ban i was so greatly gifted by your admins does not follow your TOS/Rules

~ Raummann
January 5, 2019
MrDeanosupreamoToday at 12:43 AM
Hello @-Raummann-  it looks like you where banned for the following "he started with the C word , got warned , then asked if Nig**er was ok . "

You should note the last part of the Rules "unless you're an extra bad boy or girl then you go from Warn to Ban"

From what I can see here the warning was for the Cbomb and use of the Nbomb was the ban.

@Admin I'm happy to leave it as a 30 days unless you guys think otherwise
ApophisToday at 4:57 AM
definatley gone for 30. everyone knows the N word is unacceptable.  obvious troll
ValleymanToday at 5:08 AM
ban stays agreed with Apophis 30 days.
PEACEToday at 10:44 AM
as above , the rules are also in our BF1 server info.
-Raummann-Today at 12:16 PM
However i was never directly warned?
I wasn't even trolling?
I was genuinely confused that the word Cxxx is not allowed on an Ma15+ Australian game...(edited)
In my 22 years on this earth i have never heard of any server based in australia not allowing the "c word"
I do apologize for my actions and i promise to never type in chat again or you can perma ban me
Look my room mate is fucking pissed at me for saying this shit and says im a "dumb Cxxx" for saying those things and i should directly apologize
 and never type in chat again
this is Raummanns roomate Hey mate I'm sorry for my friends dumb Cxxxactions, i was in the server at the time he got banned and this shit this guy said never was even directed at anyone or would be considered abuse towards anyone i wanna play with my mate, maybe just make the ban a week? Also the word Cxxx is one of the most popular words in Australia and its completely lost its meaning hasn't it mate?
MrDeanosupreamoToday at 12:35 PM
This is all irrelevant, at the end of the day we have rules and you have broken them.
I will be removing these logs shortly.
-Raummann-Today at 12:40 PM
I literally said Cxxx and nigger
MrDeanosupreamoToday at 12:41 PM
last warning
waste anymore of my time and your gone for good
-Raummann-Today at 12:41 PM
How long's the ban~
MrDeanosupreamoToday at 12:41 PM
30 days unless you would like me to change that for you
-Raummann-Today at 12:42 PM
What's the ban for? derogatory statements towards someone? Harassment?
MrDeanosupreamoToday at 12:42 PM
Banned [HDSW]-Raummann-
Banned [HDSW]-Raummann-
ODiscoBallsOToday at 12:42 PM
Yes all of the above
-Raummann-Today at 12:43 PM
Are you taking the piss mate?
I have done neither of those 2
ODiscoBallsOToday at 12:43 PM
N#$$%er is derogatory
C#$t is derogatory
-Raummann-Today at 12:43 PM
Only if it is directed towards someone
Cxxx is NOT derogatory???
ODiscoBallsOToday at 12:44 PM
irrelevant if it's directed towards someone
-Raummann-Today at 12:44 PM
Neither of those words i said were directed towards anyone
ODiscoBallsOToday at 12:44 PM
Do you drive on the right side of the road?
-Raummann-Today at 12:44 PM
I drive on the left side of the road mate
ODiscoBallsOToday at 12:44 PM
-Raummann-Today at 12:45 PM
I've lived in perth for 22 years and everyone i know has said Cxxx in there lives at one point including my parents
ODiscoBallsOToday at 12:45 PM
Why do you drive on the left side of the road?
-Raummann-Today at 12:45 PM
Are you taking the piss..
hold on..
ODiscoBallsOToday at 12:46 PM
Legitimate question
-Raummann-Today at 12:46 PM
I drive on the left side of the road because I got my license to legally drive here in Australia when i was 17
ODiscoBallsOToday at 12:46 PM
Ohh so it's a rule?
-Raummann-Today at 12:47 PM
Yea Cxxx because i dont wanna die
ODiscoBallsOToday at 12:47 PM
You follow that one but not ours?
-Raummann-Today at 12:47 PM
You dont allow the word Cxxx and you live in Australia?
I apologize..
This word has no meaning to me that i have forgotten the true meaning of it
I call my friends and family that to describe them as "mates"
Let me actually look up the word definition
Hold on there
Cxxx has two meaning?!?
Since fucking when
"A stupid or unpleasant person"
ODiscoBallsOToday at 12:50 PM
So even after we have clearly set out our rules, you still managed to say the C word 10 time in chat here.. You truly are a special individual
-Raummann-Today at 12:50 PM
Does the "c word" have any meaning to you?
Look mate
ODiscoBallsOToday at 12:50 PM
I'm not your mate
-Raummann-Today at 12:51 PM
It's either all of them are okay, or none of them are okay
Do you even live in Australia??
Aye hold on
MrDeanosupreamoToday at 12:53 PM
This has been fun, the ban is now permanent and expanded to discord
-Raummann-Today at 12:53 PM
THis is unfair
MrDeanosupreamoToday at 12:53 PM
-Raummann-Today at 12:53 PM
You're treating an MA15+ game like its for 6 year olds
« Last Edit: Jan 05, 2019, 15:56 by MrDeanosupreamo »


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Re: Banned [HDSW]-Raummann- PERMANENT
« Reply #2 on: Jan 08, 2019, 16:45 »
wow i missed most of that only saw the first bit and assumed the matter was handled..

and so it was permanently :P


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Re: Banned [HDSW]-Raummann- PERMANENT
« Reply #3 on: Jan 08, 2019, 22:33 »
Thanks for dealing with that Disco and Deano  ;)...PEACE


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Re: Banned [HDSW]-Raummann- PERMANENT
« Reply #4 on: Jan 09, 2019, 10:44 »
You gave him more warnings then i would have parm ban, good work, clearly a troll. Wait it to triple when we start up BF5 server.




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